It’s Open Enrollment, Okay?

The Only Open Enrollment Quiz Show on Earth

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"You say you want a revolution, well…" It’s time to do open enrollment a teensy bit differently. This year, instead of providing more benefits, it’s time we set our sights on providing a better benefits experience.

That’s why we’re kicking off our favorite time of year differently, too. This open enrollment, gear up for an entirely unique, first-of-its-kind (we’re pretty sure, anyway) 70’s themed game show: It’s Open Enrollment, Okay?

Why? Because when…

  • We’re buzzing through our fourth cup of coffee…. It’s Open Enrollment, Okay?
  • Our unread email count reaches four figures…. It’s Open Enrollment, Okay?
  • Lunch is actually a chocolate bar…. It’s Open Enrollment, Okay?
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It’s Open Enrollment, Okay?
Join us to compete for the winning title and prepare to do enrollment differently.

Here’s the thing…

In 2020, you bolstered your benefits package in response to the pandemic. In 2021 you redesigned it again to combat employee turnover. But, still, most employees don’t fully use the benefits available to them.

So for 2022 open enrollment, you don’t need more benefits—you need a better benefits experience.
It’s time to approach open enrollment a bit differently to increase employee awareness, understanding, and interaction with their benefits.

Tune in and leave mentally prepared for open enrollment by exercising your brain on all things HR and benefits. The winner will walk away with a prize and the coveted title of The World’s First Open Enrollment Quiz Show Winner. What could be groovier than that?
Get ready to shake things up with Jellyvision.

Disclaimer: Don’t stress—we won’t make you show your face on Zoom. Play from the anonymized comfort of your computer screen, of course.