Video Series

Unleashing the Value of the Aging Workforce: Why HR Must Support Near-Retirement Employees and 3 Steps to Make it Happen

With five generations in the workplace, age diversity is sneaking up on the radar as an integral issue.

As an HR and benefits professional, you need to understand your multigenerational employee population, empower older workers and their loved ones, and provide personalized support for their specific phase of life (which spans five decades). Sound like a tall order? That’s why we’re here to help!

of the workforce is aged 70
and above
of the workforce will be 70
or above by 2035

Source: National Press Foundation

We’ve chatted with our community, dove into research—even developed an entirely new product (hi, ALEX Medicare 👋)—all to explore what this shift means. And we’ve unpacked this workplace development into a video series so you can easily understand it and leverage the knowledge.

Better yet, you can watch it while eating your lunch or deleting inbox spam. (We know you’re busy and might need to multitask).

To lead you on this journey, we’ve tapped our Jellyvision team members. They chat with our customers daily about workplace evolutions and are intimately familiar with trends, pain points, and ways to address it all.

We’ll let them take it from here…

“Your organization is missing out if you’re not advocating, promoting, recruiting, and hiring an age-diverse workforce. Older workers have entered the chat.”
Learn about this workplace evolution and how you can support aging employees.