Change of heart

How to Transform Transactional HR Moments into Affirming Employee Experiences

New research confirms that employees want to be treated as people, not workers. They're looking beyond material offerings to evaluate how they feel about their employer.

How do you create those positive feelings that are critical to keeping today's employees happy, healthy, and engaged at work? And more importantly, how do you retain your talent? Start by turning important HR moments from transactional processes to affirming experiences.

It’s time to evolve your approach from process-oriented to people-oriented.
of people say it’s important for their organization to see them as a person, not just as an employee. Source
This guide will help you:

  • Understand how to provide an authentic, positive experience during seven key HR moments (onboarding, open enrollment, and more)
  • Create a positive atmosphere and foster feelings that are critical to keeping today’s workforce happy, healthy, and engaged
  • Support the unique needs of each team member and their individual journeys
  • Leverage your HR tech to save time and provide more bandwidth to support employees
Creating a genuine connection with your employees is no longer optional, use this guide to evolve your approach and provide affirming experiences for your people.