From Open Enrollment to Offboarding: How ALEX Supports Employees at any Stage


Throughout the course of their lives, employees will experience countless important events while they’re at your organization. You may be their first job as they start fresh in their careers. Or you may be there when they decide to buy a house. Better yet, you may be in charge of throwing a retirement party for them as they leave the workforce. Regardless of the milestone, it’s important that you provide support and access to the benefits they need.

of employers have a formal
onboarding program

have a formal offboarding process

And that’s a problem, for many reasons. It can be easy to dismiss employees who are on their way out, but supporting employees throughout their entire lifecycle—from their first day to mid-career to retirement—is becoming increasingly important.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why it’s crucial to empower ALL employees—from new hire to retire
  • How ALEX helps you support employees at every stage of their career
  • An exclusive look at Jellyvision’s product roadmap
Meet the speakers
Katie Ronzio
Associate Account Manager
Dana Yanow
Account Manager