Predictive Analytics and ALEX: A Match Made in HR Heaven


For employees, picking the right health insurance can feel like taking an exam. They've done some research, have been given information, but on the day of the test they're trying to sort through what prescriptions they have, estimate how many procedures they may have in a year, and make decisions on how much money they're willing to spend. It's one big, confusing problem.

Fortunately there’s a way to provide them with a personalized recommendation based on data. ALEX is the only benefits engagement platform backed by behavioral science and powered by data-driven predictive analytics. And with ALEX in your corner, you can offer a hyper-personalized benefits experience that helps people choose and use their benefits.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • What we really mean when we say predictive analytics
  • Why predictive analytics can help break down some of the complexity when it comes to choosing benefits
  • How ALEX has gotten smarter to provide better recommendations to employees
Watch the webinar
Meet the speakers
Sam Kina
SVP of Data Science, Jellyvision
Chrissy Krampert
CMO, Jellyvision
See how predictive analytics helps power a more personalized benefits experience for employees.