Exec Report

The Perceived Value of Health Benefits: What Employees Really Think

In the past few years, organizations have diligently expanded their benefits packages in response to the growing needs of today’s workforce. But according to recent Jellyvision research, those efforts have gone largely unnoticed, which means employees aren’t fully appreciating or engaging with their employers. That’s bad news for your talent pool—and your bottom line.

of employees aren’t confident they know how much their employer spends on healthcare

In this executive summary, we’re sharing brand new insights from over 1,000 employees, revealing why today’s workforce doesn’t currently value your investment in their healthcare—and why that’s such a big deal. We’re also offering tips for how to turn the ship around, with expert guidance that will help you improve the benefits journey at your organization.

In this report, find:

  • A quick, executive summary with exclusive data from Jellyvision’s latest survey
  • Trends that uncover why employees aren’t valuing your benefits as much as they should, and how that’s negatively impacting their relationships with you—their employer
  • Input from other HR leaders that will help you strengthen your connections with employees by closing the benefits perception gap