2022 Open Enrollment

The Ultimate Open Enrollment Communication Toolkit

Gain access to SIX valuable new resources for this year’s open enrollment season!

Each year, open enrollment brings its own unique twists and turns. In 2022, that may mean communicating with hybrid teams, dealing with cost increases, or bolstering access to mental health benefits.

That’s why we built the ultimate toolkit to power your benefits communications strategy. This one-stop-shop is jam-packed with resources to streamline open enrollment communication, overcome common communication pitfalls, and ensure your employees are prepared to make smart benefits choices.

of employees are not taking advantage of all the benefits available to them

Let’s change that with this year’s open enrollment!

Download the open enrollment toolkit for all-in-one
access to:

  • SIX separate resources, updated to meet the unique challenges of 2022 
  • Customizable open enrollment email templates 
  • Step-by-step directions to create engaging benefits guides 
  • The perfect open enrollment communications calendar 
  • And more!  
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