How HR Teams Can Win at Benefits Communication this Open Enrollment

In 2020, you bolstered your benefits package in response to the pandemic, and in 2021 you redesigned it again to combat employee turnover. But this year, we don’t need more benefits. We need better benefits communication.

Why? Because despite your best efforts, most employees aren’t using all of the new resources you’re offering them, and your benefits messages just aren’t cutting through the noise:

of employees aren’t taking full advantage of the benefits available to them
1 in 3
employees have never taken action as a result of their employer’s benefits communications

That means this open enrollment will be all about driving better awareness, understanding, and interactions with the benefits that you already offer. How? By thinking like a marketer—with compelling, attention-grabbing messages that reach the right employees, at the right time, in the right places.

Join Jellyvision benefits experts to learn:
  • Why employees still aren’t getting the benefits memo
  • Tools and tactics employers can use to improve their benefits communications this open enrollment
  • How real-life HR teams are leveling up when it comes to benefits education
Meet the speakers
Lauren Mimms-Bockmier
Senior Account Manager, Jellyvision
James Najarian
Account Manager, Jellyvision
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