ALEX Medicare: a better way to navigate the Medicare maze


If you saw our webinar title and immediately reached for the ibuprofen, we don’t blame you. Medicare can be a headache—whether you’re helping employees navigate enrollment or simply looking for information you can share with Medicare-eligible employees.

Most Medicare-eligible employees describe Medicare as confusing and difficult to understand, and they need help navigating these benefits. Which is where you come in. But Medicare is a complex web of changing regulations that make it difficult to provide support for your employees.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We are thrilled to introduce ALEX Medicare—everything you love about ALEX Benefits Counselor, but for Medicare. With ALEX Medicare, you can offer employees unbiased education from a trusted resource on things like Medicare eligibility, enrollment dates, coverage options, costs, and more.

Watch this webinar to learn:
  • Why it’s necessary to support Medicare-eligible employees with Medicare education
  • How to provide employees personalized Medicare education without the liability
  • How ALEX Medicare helps break down Medicare concepts in easy-to-digest modules
ALEX Medicare, a non-government site powered by Jellyvision
Meet the speakers
COO, Jellyvision
Senior Director of Product & Data, Jellyvision
Your workforce deserves better when it comes to Medicare.