Medicare Toolkit

The Ultimate Guide to Better Medicare Education

The seven resources you need to take your Medicare communication strategy to the next level!

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans are enrolled in Medicare, and that number is growing as people live and stay healthy longer. And with an average of 43 plans to choose from, Medicare shoppers are looking for advice from a trusted expert like you to help them sort through the complicated maze of options.

But unfortunately, recent data shows that Medicare-eligible folks are still in the dark about how this important healthcare resource works:

of employees aged 51+ say they know very little about how to choose or enroll in a Medicare plan

Don’t worry—all hope is not lost. As the demand for Medicare increases, new solutions are emerging to help benefits pros like you connect the right folks with the right plans. That’s why we created this guide: to help you take your Medicare communication strategies into the future.

Inside, find:

  • A complete toolkit of seven resources to help you better educate Medicare-eligible folks
  • Cutting-edge communication strategies that are proven to work
  • An overview of the latest Medicare trends and statistics
  • A peek at technology that can help lighten the load

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