Confronting the Health Equity Gap: Building Your HR Action Plan
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Your workplace is filled with diverse and unique individuals, so HR and benefits pros must answer the question: how do we address the inequities plaguing our healthcare system?

While it’s clear that these socioeconomic disparities deserve some much-needed attention, health equity isn’t yet at the forefront of employers’ conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace—and it should be. Why? Because we still have so much work to do:
Black women are
More likely to die in childbirth than white women

1 in 4
insurance providers don’t offer coverage for same-sex couples

So it’s not just imperative that employers do their part to make health equity a reality—it’s urgent.

Watch this webinar for:

  • New research and insights on the state of health equity in the workplace today
  • Real-life stories from DEI experts on what health equity looks like for leading employers
  • Guidance on how to build your own health equity action plan

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