5 Real-Life Examples of How Employers are Making Health Equity a Reality

While lack of quality healthcare access is nothing new, the COVID-19 pandemic shone a renewed spotlight on the inequities and inefficiencies that exist within our nation’s healthcare system. As we learned, it’s going to take more than company-sponsored health insurance to give everyone equal opportunities to live their healthiest lives, no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they make.

of employers have made health equity a priority in the last 2 years

Today, it’s our job as HR pros to ensure that our employees have access to healthcare that’s tailored to their needs.

In this guide:

  • Stories from company leaders about how they’re making health equity happen at their organizations
  • Real-life examples of health equity in action that you can use at your own company
  • Trends and statistics to drive your health equity strategy forward
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Meet The Leaders
Betty Thompson, EVP and Chief People Officer, Booz Allen Hamilton
Bob Lockett, Chief Diversity and Talent Officer, ADP
Maria Walsh, SVP and Head of Benefits, Hearst
David Carey, SVP of Public Affairs and Communications, Hearst
Sandra Sims-Williams, Chief Diversity Officer, Nielsen
Hear how real leaders are making health equity a reality at their organizations.